Welcome to Hampstead Hill Academy

Hampstead Hill Academy is a PreK through 8th grade Baltimore City public charter school. Our elementary school is rated higher than 73% of schools in the whole state, and our middle school is rated higher than 93%  of the schools in the state.  HHA has been the highest performing elementary/middle school in Baltimore City Public Schools.





A Note from Principal Hornbeck

As a conversion charter school, HHA is part of the Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP) family of six neighborhood schools that benefit from more autonomy over hiring, curriculum and budget. BCP holds our contract with City Schools. HHA is in the fifth year of our current five-year contract, and will be eligible for a new, longer-term contract of eight years, which the School Board will vote on around February of 2023. A key piece of contract renewal is the School Effectiveness Review, or SER for short. A team of educators and central office staff conducted something similar to the collegiate accreditation process last spring. As you may know, HHA scored 11 highly effective ratings and one effective rating, which may be a high-water mark. Also, I’d like to share our schoolwide goals in reading, math and attendance. For 2022-2023, our faculty is setting a rigorous and achievable goal of significantly surpassing the 50th percentile national average of students meeting or exceeding individual math and reading growth goals. We are aiming for 65% of our students to meet or exceed their math growth goal, 55% to meet or exceed their reading growth goal, and to maintain at least a 95% overall attendance rate.