Welcome to Hampstead Hill Academy

Hampstead Hill Academy is a PreK through 8th grade Baltimore City public charter school. Our elementary school is rated higher than 73% of schools in the whole state, and our middle school is rated higher than 93%  of the schools in the state.  For the past two years, HHA has been the highest performing elementary/middle school in Baltimore City Public Schools.





A Note From Principal Hornbeck – December, 2021

Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return but because of who you are. ~ Harold Kushner

As we weather the seasons of this year and our lives, I’d like to remind you to practice kindness. Being kind helps us remember the power we have to make a positive impact on others. At HHA, our restorative circles build community to better understand each other and get connected. HHA teachers are kind people doing the most important work in any year, but especially this year as we fight back from the pandemic. Think about people outside of your circle. People you may only see at drop off or pick up, your neighbor walking a dog or picking up their mail, the people making everything work at grocery stores, gas stations, and the stores on Eastern Avenue and all over. Bus drivers, crossing guards and the mail carriers. Think about the people you live with and those outside your door that you see daily or weekly. Many people are struggling. Know that your kindness has a ripple effect that goes on and on. As winter approaches and variants swirl, you know what to do to be physically safe. In this season of peace and love, reflect on what is important to you and help everyone stay positive by being kind in what you say and do.           

Applications for the HHA Lottery  and Prekindergarten  for the

2022-2023 School Year

Spread the word to family and friends that 2022-2023 applications for the lottery and pre-kindergarten are now available. The lottery is held for students at all grade levels who do not live in the zoned area for the school. If you do not live in the zoned area and would like for your child to attend HHA, you can stop by HHA and complete an application online or visit this link https://hha47.org/admissions/. At this link, you will find information and applications for the lottery and for PreK. A public lottery will be held Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 3 pm.  If for any reason the lottery cannot take place, the lottery will be held on Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 3 pm. In order to participate in the lottery, this form must be submitted by 3 pm Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

In-zone families not enrolled at HHA and who plan to send their child to our school for the 2022-2023 school year, please complete the lottery application. You will be tagged as in-zone and not as part of the lottery. This information is for planning purposes only.

If you would like additional information regarding enrollment/lottery guidelines, please contact Geri Swann at geriswann@hotmail.com.

Student Emergency Information and Student/Parent Contracts

If your child will attend Hampstead Hill Academy, we would like for you to complete a Student Emergency Information and Student/Parent Contracts Form.  This form must be completed for each child attending our school.

The information on this form will provide us:

  • the most up-to-date contact information
  • who to contact in the event of an emergency, if the parent(s) cannot be reached
  • and will grant your child permission to do a variety of things at school.

The English form is available at:


Hola a todos,

Si su hijo asistirá a Hampstead Hill Academy, nos gustaría que completara un Formulario de Información de Emergencia del Estudiante y Contratos de Estudiantes / Padres. Este formulario debe completarse para cada niño que asista a nuestra escuela.

La información de este formulario nos proporcionará:

  • la información de contacto más actualizada
  • a quién contactar en caso de una emergencia, si no se puede localizar a los padres
  • y le otorgará permiso a su hijo para hacer una variedad de cosas en la escuela.

El formulario en Español  está disponible en: