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Hampstead Hill Academy is a PreK through 8th grade Baltimore City public charter school. Our elementary school is rated higher than 73% of schools in the whole state, and our middle school is rated higher than 93%  of the schools in the state.  For the past two years, HHA has been the highest performing elementary/middle school in Baltimore City Public Schools.





From the Desk of Principal Hornbeck

April 6, 2021
Welcome back from Spring Break! Whether online or in-person, our great staff is excited to get back to teaching your awesome children. I’m very proud to say that all HHA teachers will provide in-person instruction moving forward. As you now know, grades PreK – 5 are in-person April 12th and grades 6-8 reopen April 19th. Last month, the first two weeks of in-person instruction in more than a year went very well – great turnout, attendance, patient parents, thrilled teachers and happy students. While we have the technology in place to effectively deliver hybrid lessons, I would like to apologize for the obsolete switches still in use by City Schools that made for connectivity headaches for those students working remotely. HHA is ordering enough hotspots for backup at school to fix the problem. A huge thank you to the K – 2 teachers for being our in-person pioneers . We learned so much from their experience, which will make the return of other grades easier. From check-in to working in a hybrid setting to dismissal, I can’t thank teachers, assistant teachers and parents enough for being so incredibly helpful and flexible. Please know that we are offering the safest possible in-person school experience including individual screening, masking, social distancing, HEPA filters and robust cleaning protocols. Teachers are vaccinated, and we provide authentic KN95 masks for all staff. Not only is school as safe as possible, but thanks to our talented teachers the quality of the in-person programming, condensed as it is to just a few hours each day, continues to be rigorous and engaging. I could not be more proud of our leadership team, especially Assistant Principals Bailey and Paz, Academic Coaches Johnson, Trainer and Lucas, Mr. Lee and Ms. Chris for all the prep they did to get us here. We’ve come a long way, and we have so far to go. I love being on this journey with you wonderful people!

Grades 6-8 In-Person Instruction Decision Survey

When Your HHA Student Returns to In-Person School

When you child returns to school, the following documentation must be provided: Emergency Contact Information – It is important that if there is an issue with your student that we have the most up to date contact information for you.  If you have already submitted your information and you want to confirm or make changes to your form, please email Ms. Swann at geriswann@hotmail.com.  Link for the emergency card is listed below: We will also need the Baltimore City Public Schools Parent/Guardian Consent Form for In-Person School and COVID-19 Awareness Agreement completed and returned to HHA.

HHA is currently accepting applications for Prek and Grades K – 8.

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