Hampstead Hill Academy is a PreK-8 grade Baltimore City public charter school with a 5 star rating from the Maryland State Department of Education!

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From the desk of Principal Matt Hornbeck

Public Schools are a priority in Maryland!  The Kirwan Commission’s Funding Formula Final Report has been released, which is a historic moment for Maryland.  Over 10 years starting in FY22, funding for public schools will increase $4B.  $2.7B will come from the state and $1.3B from local districts.  For City Schools, that will mean $832M more which will be $500M from the State and $332M from Baltimore City.  The City Schools’ budget will increase from $1.3B per year to more than $2.1B per year.  This money means competitive teacher salaries, lower class sizes, pre-kindergarten for everyone, and vastly better career preparation in high school, especially in science and technology.  The money will be distributed based on need, but HHA should see an increase of something like $5-6M per year.  In terms of the rollout, the Maryland General Assembly goes into session January 8th and finishes in early April.  What the Kirwan Commission defines as a successful school has been determined.  Now legislation needs to be passed to fully fund the findings in Kirwan Report.

HHA is doing our part.  Our Strong Schools Maryland Team recently wrote more letters to elected officials in support of fully funding Kirwan.  BUILD leaders Cassandra LaBella and Jill Vasbinder Morrison organized 27 HHA staff and parents to be among 435 citizens at a recent action at Memorial Baptist Church.  That night, BUILD got commitments from Mayor Young to provide $30M in an additional year of funding for the so-called “Bridge to Kirwan” in FY21 and commit $90M in new money in the first year of Kirwan funding, which is in FY22.  Mayor Young repeatedly said he was “all in.”  HHA will need you to write a letter to your legislator, go to Annapolis, attend a BUILD accountability forum with the candidates running for Mayor, and stay up on the issues surrounding the statewide effort to make Maryland’s public schools the best in the nation.