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City Schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019 – 2020 school year.

Las Escuelas Públicas de la Ciudad de Baltimore permanecerán cerrados por el resto del año escolar 2019-2020.

From the desk of Principal Hornbeck

May, 2020

I miss every HHA student more than you will ever know.   It feels wrong not to be at school.   As I write this, I am quarantining with my family, and we are all healthy.  I look for small blessings for which to be grateful like more time to cook dinner with my wife, walk my dog Teddy, play board games with my kids, exercise and so on.   No matter how you look at it, the reasons we are all sheltering in place, staying away from each other and wearing masks are awful and scary.   Please know that there are lots of resources online for parents going through the pandemic with young children.   If you are struggling or, I should say, when you struggle (because everyone does and will), please reach out to your family and friends and look for online resources for support.   There is lots of information posted on our Social Service link below.   I can’t wait to see everyone, someday in the future, at morning drop off to see the warm “have a good day” wishes and goodbyes at the wall, the middle school kids socializing in groups waiting for the doors to open, and the PreK families watching their kids run around the courtyard.   There are a thousand things I miss, but my routine saying good morning to everyone and walking the building are at the top of my list.

Take care,

Matt Hornbeck, Principal

Hampstead Hill Academy Parent Resources

Below are various links to help your family during this hiatus from school. Please check back daily for any updated information.

Recursos para padres de la Academia Hampstead Hill

A continuación hay varios enlaces para ayudar a su familia durante este receso de la escuela. Vuelva a consultar diariamente para obtener información más reciente.

Remote Learning

Information posted below for various classes is also available for pick up at the school.  Please call ahead at 410.396-9146 prior to pick up.

Aprendizaje a distancia

Paquetes de trabajo de aula a continuación también están disponibles para recoger en la escuela. Por favor llame con anticipación al 410.396-9146 antes de recogerlo.

Prekindergarten Resource Classes
Kindergarten Gifted and Advanced Learning
1st Grade Special Educators
2nd Grade ESOL
3rd Grade Speech Support
4th Grade RP and Social and Emotional Learning
5th Grade Health and Wellness Activities
6th Grade Social Services
7th Grade Google Classroom Parent Information
8th Grade  

Educational and Family Website Resources

An array of websites that families can use at home with a variety of subject matter such as reading, math, language, Spanish, music, movement, art and much more.

Recursos Educativo y Familiar de sitio web

Una variedad de sitios web que las familias pueden usar en casa con una variedad de temas como lectura, matemáticas, idioma, español, música, movimiento, arte y mucho más.

Free Meals– Find your food distribution site and what is being offered at what time.

Sitios de comidas– Encuentre su sitio de distribución y que están ofreciendo y a que hora

WiFi Access for Families/Acceso de internet WiFi para familias

Hampstead Hill Academy is a PreK-8 grade Baltimore City public charter school. Our elementary school is rated better than 73% of schools in the whole state and our middle school is rated better than 93% of the schools in the state.  We are a very high four star-rated school.  

four star rating