Staff and students at Hampstead Hill Academy are very fortunate to have the support of the following partners:

Canton Railroad Company supplies our students in need with school supplies and sponsors our Spectacular Express Program. This program recognizes students who exhibit spectacular behaviors that align with the school-wide expectations of being safe, respectful, responsible, friendly and caring.  During this time, our partner has  made a monetary donation to our families in need.

Patterson Park Audubon Center has been a partner with Hampstead Hill Academy since 2002. This partnership connects students with nature using the many habitats that Patterson Park provides as a classroom. Students learn about the natural world through games, hands-on activities, stories and crafts. Field trips allow students to explore the wildlife in the Park and learn about things such as birds, insects, migration, animal features and habitats….just to name a few!  Lessons will resume when students return to the school building.

HHA students take part in Audubon activities in Patterson Park.

Patterson Park Youth and Sports Center  currently offers HHA students after school virtual programming.  Normally, students take part in after school activities at the center as well as  Utz field.  This organization has also coordinated HHA’s field day activities.

Abbott Memorial Church offers after school tutoring services to a select number of students at HHA. Students receive dinner, sports activities and one hour of tutoring with a certified volunteer teacher.  This program will continue when our students return to the school building.

Redemption City Church assists our school each year with the annual Welcome New Families event.  Members of the church join the HHA PTO to provide food, games and lots of fun to new families gathering to meet each other.

HHA PTO and members of the Redemption City Church host the annual “Welcome New Families” event.

In addition to our partnerships, during the course of the school year, we receive donations from area businesses and the school community. Thank you to all of our supporters.