From the desk of Principal Matt Hornbeck

Due to the impending weather on Sunday, May 12th , HHA is cancelling the trip to the Orioles Game.  Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

May 1, 2019

Please help us prepare your child for upper elementary, middle school, high school, and eventually college and career by thinking about:

  • Practicing time management – Time management is a challenge, especially for kids and teens. The more you talk about setting daily and short terms goals, the better. All HHA students receive an agenda book to keep track of assignments, projects, field trips, deadlines, etc. Help your child manage their agenda book but remember not to nag. If they don’t have an agenda book, buy an inexpensive one at the store.
  • Making to-do lists – Making to-do lists is a skill that will serve your child well and help them become independent in middle and high school.
  • Limiting cell phone use, gaming, and screen time – It is difficult for children to safely negotiate social media. There is too much adult content and too many emotionally fraught social media pitfalls. Screen time consumes more than eight hours a day for most children in America. Your child will benefit from limiting screen time, including gaming, social media, and television. Talk about screen time with your child in advance. Help them learn to unplug. If your child plays an online game with friends, ask her/him to unplug the headphones so that you can monitor what is being said. Consider asking your child to play online games when you are in the room. Know who your child in playing with online. And please don’t let your child sleep with their phone in their bedroom. Phones should be charged overnight in another room. Your child will sleep much better if their phone is not beeping and lighting up all night long. Rested children get better grades. Thanks for helping us to harness the power that comes with technology!

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