Grassroots Organizers Urge Lawmakers to Pass Kirwan Recommendations – WBAL story featuring HHA Parent Jill Vasbinder Morrision     

Congratulations to Wolfe Street Academy for their          8 Year Charter Renewal!

Hampstead Hill Academy is a PreK-8 grade Baltimore City public charter school. Our elementary school is rated better than 73% of schools in the whole state and our middle school is rated better than 93% of the schools in the state.  We are a very high four star-rated school.                       


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From the desk of Principal Matt Hornbeck

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ―             Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As 2020 begins, administrators and teachers want to thank you for sending your child to HHA and for helping make our school great.  School is about learning, dreaming and getting ready for the next grade, high school, college and eventually a good job.  It is also about motivating each other to do our very best.  The best teachers and students work and learn at HHA, and we are grateful to have your family be a part of our family. 

King’s Day is fast approaching.  His message of freedom, non-violence and justice resonate today as, in volatile times, we seek peace abroad, economic security at home and kindness in our neighborhoods and schools.  In the New Year, we hope for just and fair police enforcement and new answers and leaders to address the murders and shootings in Baltimore City.  We hope for sensible and humane immigration enforcement that targets dangerous criminals and permits families to live, work, and attend church and school in peace.  We hope the work of the Kirwan Commission and Strong Schools Maryland will be fully funded by the Maryland General Assembly.  We hope for more space to increase the numbers of HHA families and thus expand our wonderful school.  Finally, we hope that the New Year brings you and yours joy, peace and love.  Happy 2020!