Leaders Go Places 2022-2023leaders go places

HHA is proud to continue Leaders Go Places (LGP), a middle school incentive program, for its tenth year. The program is designed to teach students about how to be a leader. LGP acknowledges and rewards students for scholarship (grade point average), leadership (good behavior and attendance), and citizenship (community service). These leadership qualities are not only important to student development but are also important factors in the high school admissions process. Every HHA middle school student has the potential to achieve a leadership level every quarter (or roughly every 45 school days). To be “on level”, students must meet all three criteria for that level.


  • Students receive one (1) merit for daily on-time attendance and one (1) merit for displaying positive behaviors, like the 5 Promises.
  • Students lose one (1) merit when they are tardy, have an unexcused absence, or display a negative behavior.
  • Students lose multiple merits as negative behaviors continue: hall conference (-2), restorative room referral (-3), detention (-4), and office referral/suspension (-5).
  • Teachers will share LGP Progress Reports with students half way through each quarter during a scheduled advisory period.
  • Each middle school teacher will have a Team Building Group once per quarter. That group will consist of up to nine students from all three grade levels. The teacher will conduct team building activities with that group.

LGP data is broken down each quarter by race, gender, homerooms, and special services in order to analyze our results. CLASS DOJO is used to track and communicate positive and negative student behaviors. This has been a great success with families being able to access the Class Dojo application on the web or on mobile applications to communicate with teachers, keep track of their child’s progress, and view pictures and videos from the classroom. Class Dojo will continue to be used as the primary way to notify parents and guardians if a student has been assigned DETENTION. Detention runs until 3:30 pm.

An LGP recognition ceremony will be held each quarter. Parents and families are encouraged to attend. Depending on the level and previous recognition, students will be honored at this ceremony with special LGP-branded polo shirts and fleece jackets, fun and practical items, and certificates, at no cost to the student. In addition to the recognition ceremony, every student on a leadership level will be invited to attend a quarterly field trip at little or no cost to families. Platinum level leaders will have the opportunity to apply to attend a multi-day field trip that focuses on leadership, team building and recreation (destination to be announced).

A key component of each LGP gathering – circles, recognition ceremonies, and field trips – is the recitation of “My Five Promises.”

LGP is based on these five promises:

  • I will contribute to the common good.
  • I will persevere.
  • I will produce quality work.
  • I will conduct myself with honor and integrity.
  • I will advocate for myself and others.

LGP also encourages students to begin exploring college and career opportunities. Once a month, a speaker will address middle school students on college and career readiness, using one of LGP’s five promises as a guiding theme. These discussions will help students plan for admission and success in high school, college and the workplace.

If you are interested in learning more about our LGP program, please reach out to the Director, Matt Cobb at mcobb@hha47.org.