Hampstead Hill Academy
Elementary/Middle School
500 S. Linwood Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone Number: 410-396-9146
Fax Number: 410-396-3637
School Number: 47

Principal: Matthew Hornbeck – principalhornbeck@hha47.org
Assistant Principal: Mike Lucas – assistantprincipallucas@hha47.org
Assistant Principal: Fanta Kamara – assistantprincipalkamara@gmail.com                      Assistant Principal: Amata Anderson – assistantprincipalanderson@gmail.com

For compliments or concerns, please contact the Baltimore Curriculum Project – Laura Doherty, President and CEO or Jon McGill, Director of Academic Affairs at 410-675-7000.

To arrange a tour or ask a question, complete the form below.  An e-mail will be sent to  Geri Swann, Director of Community Outreach.