Identification Badges

All visitors will be required to show photo identification to the front office staff when you enter the school.  The photo ID must also give your name and birth date. You will then receive a photo identification badge to wear and keep visible at all times when you are in the building. After your first visit, your information will be kept on file so that future check-ins can take place quickly. If you are a regular visitor—for example, if you are a volunteer at your child’s school—you can ask at the office about obtaining a City Schools’ identification card to make the process even easier.  If you don’t have a photo ID, or if you have other questions or concerns, please speak with the principal or other administrative staff. We want to make sure that you feel welcome any time you visit our school.

Safe Entry Procedures

Please help make our school safer by recognizing your role in not opening or holding doors for adults or children. All staff have been instructed not to open the doors for anyone entering the building. Students should never open the doors, even for adults they know. All visitors should use the buzzer system and go directly to the main office to check in. Also, if you are entering the building, be aware if someone is following behind you.

Double Parking

Safety for our children is of utmost importance. We have limited parking around the building. In the morning and afternoon, please remember to arrive early if you need a parking space. The police have asked that parents not block traffic by double parking to pick up their children. Tickets are $252 for each violation. Also, please do not park directly in front of the school between the signs that read “Do not park.” This large space is reserved for our school bus to pull up and safely drop off and pick up students. Also, it is very unsafe and illegal for children to cross the street in the middle of Linwood Avenue. With or without an adult, children should only cross the street at either corner where a crossing guard is posted. Please help set the example. Do not ask your child to cross over Linwood Avenue to get into your car as you pull up. Our neighbors, parents and teachers are concerned about the increase in this unsafe practice. Please plan ahead, park your car in a legal space and pick up your child at school.