If a child is to receive any medication during the school day, the parent or guardian must fill out a “School Medication Administration Authorization Form” form and have it signed by a doctor. The medicine to be dispensed will be kept in the health suite and dispensed according to the doctor’s instructions. Parents must always bring the medication to school along with the authorization form. Never send medication to school along with your child. Students should not bring cough drops or any over-the-counter medication to school.

Extended Illness

Any student, who has a chronic health problem such as asthma, diabetes, seizure disorder, sickle cell anemia, etc., should be eligible for the Chronic Health Impaired Program (CHIP). This program provides home teaching for students when needed. The student will get full attendance credit when this service is used. The required form may be obtained from the school nurse. This same form is used for students who have a health problem and may need elevator service, modified physical education, etc. For more information, please contact the school nurse.