HHA is a Maryland Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education (EGATE) school. For our gifted and talented students, staff uses a variety of measures to identify and serve students who exhibit an exceptionally high level of performance in one or more subject area. The Gifted and Talented Placement Team will work to determine the most appropriate way to support the gifted learner, which may include differentiated curricula, acceleration opportunities, and a wide variety of special projects. Gifted programming occurs in collaboration with the classroom teacher and the GT/ Enrichment Director and will occur both in the classroom setting and the enrichment resource room.

Student Eligibility for GAL Programming

Hampstead Hill Academy have worked in cooperation with the Maryland State Department of Education and Baltimore City Schools to develop an appropriate program to meet the unique needs of the gifted learner. In 2016, we received the EGATE award (Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education) from the MSDE and became a designated GAL Site (Gifted and Advanced Learning Site) by Baltimore City Schools. We are committed to using multiple measures and rigorous criteria for identifying students who qualify for gifted or advanced programming.

To qualify for gifted programming, students must demonstrate specific aptitude on two or more nationally normed measures (see chart on reverse side). The initial data we consider are: the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP Growth Test- given in fall and spring to all students 1-8)), and the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT2), administered to all kindergarten students as well as any new students entering HHA in later years. In some cases, alternative assessments are available to support formal identification. In addition, parents may submit the results of outside testing done by a qualified professional and/or test scores on another nationally normed test received at another school.

For more information here are some excellent resources:

HHA Standards for Identifying Gifted Learners

Assessments Who Qualifying Scores for Gifted
MAP Growth              Reading and Math




All students in              grades 1-8                             2x per year:                            Fall and Spring



90th percentile* or above for gifted*

80th -89th percentile for advanced*

*Must be qualified in both reading and math measures

Assessments Who Qualifying Scores for Gifted
The Naglieri Non-Verbal Assessment:  NNAT2 or NNAT3




Universal screening in October of kindergarten year.


Students above kindergarten who are new to our school.

>75th percentile

Assessments Who Qualifying Scores for Gifted
Nationally normed results from tests such as CogAT,  iReady, and others. Students entering                HHA from other schools TBD

Assessments Who Qualifying Scores for Gifted
Additional assessments such as The Torrance      Test of Creativity, and     GES-III, may be used for qualifying students.


Students with >75% on NNAT2


Other substantial supporting data


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Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.21.52 AM

If you have any questions about gifted programming at HHA, please contact Laura Guitian, Director of Enrichment at: lmguitian@bcps.k12.md.us or 410-396-9146 ext. 125.