Ready to Read Act, 2019 and COMAR 13A.03.08

Hampstead Hill Academy is committed to identifying and addressing the needs of each student. To this end and in response to recent legislation from the Maryland General Assembly (Senate Bill 734, Ready to Read Act), HHA will use the MAP Reading Fluency as a literacy screener on all kindergarten students to determine students’ foundational reading skills and to predict risk of future difficulties so that appropriate early intervention can take place. In addition, we will also screen any students in grades 1-3 who show some level of risk on their MAP Growth assessment, as well as those who are new and not previously screened. The screening occurs three times during the year: the beginning of the year (BOY); the middle of the year (MOY); and the end of the year screener (EOY). Parents will be notified by the school of their students’ results and any additional intervention support that is recommended. All BCP schools use Direct Instruction as their reading curriculum and approach which has decades of research-evidence that supports reading instruction.

Want to learn more? Download the Ready to Read Act (Senate Bill 734) or view COMAR 13A.13.08 on MSDE’s website by clicking here.