School begins promptly at 8 am. Depending on the grade, your child should prepare to enter school each day by:

  • PreK-4 lining up on the blacktop (check for your child’s blacktop assignment) and entering through the stairwell entrance by main office.
  • 5-8 gathering in front of the building, north of the ramp and entering through the Linwood Avenue entrance.

School will dismiss each day at 2:40 pm. For safety’s sake, Prek students will be dismissed from their outside classroom door and teachers of students in grade k – 3 will walk their classes onto the playground for dismissal. Parents must wait until these students line up and check in with the teacher before leaving with their child. Be sure your child follows dismissal procedures outlined by his/her teacher. Fourth grade students are dismissed directly outside from the stairwell door by the main office.  They are not passed off directly to parents as in the case of PreK – 3 students.  Please make certain your child knows where and when he/she will be picked up after school. If your child walks, he/she should go directly home at dismissal. Please note that unless there is an emergency, the office will not sign out students from 2:20 pm until 2:40 pm. Parents arriving early for pickup should let their children finish the school day.

Bad Weather Pickup Policy – Rain or Snow

During inclement weather, students in PreK-3 will be dismissed from the auditorium. Parents will not be permitted inside the building until all PreK-3 grade classes are in the auditorium. Please do not wait in the lobby. The front doors will be opened within a few minutes of 2:40 pm. The lobby must remain clear for students to get where they need to be for dismissal.

All families must exit through the rear of the auditorium up the steps leading out to the playground and Fleet Street. Indoor dismissal moves one way. The only exception is strollers. Once the crowd has dissipated, adults with babies in strollers will be permitted to exit through the front door of the school. Students in 4th grade will be dismissed from the stairwell door by the main office. Students in grades 5-8 will be dismissed, as always, from the stairwell door at Linwood and Eastern Avenues.

Delayed Opening/Early Closing

When schools open on a delayed schedule, such as one-hour late or two-hours late, breakfast is not provided for the children at HHA. This is BCPSS policy. When an announcement is made on television or the radio stating, “Baltimore City Schools will open (1 or 2) hour(s) late with no morning Pre-Kindergarten and/or Kindergarten,” that means schools are opening late with no breakfast program. HHA Prek and kindergarten students DO report to school because we have all day Prek and kindergarten. Remember, if school is open, we are teaching and students are learning.

Schools will open only if the BCPSS believes students and staff will be able to travel safely to their destinations. If weather conditions worsen during the school day, the BCPSS may announce an early dismissal. The early dismissal of schools requires that schools close two and one-half hours earlier than the regularly scheduled dismissal time. All extended-day and after-school programs, including inter-scholastic athletic events, will be cancelled. Lunch must be served in all schools. Any decision to dismiss schools early will be announced by 10 am to the news.