Attendance Policy

On-time daily attendance in school is critical for young people’s academic success as well as longer-term life outcomes, such as college graduation, employment and physical and mental health. City Schools and HHA will prioritize student attendance throughout the year, whether we are operating in a hybrid or virtual learning model. All students are expected to attend school five days a week.The school day at HHA, as always, is from 8 am until 2:40 pm.  A portion of that time will be live.  Within a week or two, your child’s teachers will provide a learning schedule for the parts of the day that are not live. It is the responsibility of each HHA parent and guardian to ensure their child follows the prescribed daily schedule and complete and submit all assignments.  Students should complete their own work.  While we have been able to accommodate a handful of requests in the lower grades to switch AM/PM schedules, that is no longer possible for the time being.  Your child’s schedule is set and posted on our website.  Upon a student’s return to virtual learning from an unexcused absence, a written note needs to be submitted by the parent to the student’s homeroom teacher. This note can now be submitted via email, text or through Bloomz. Important note: recordings of lessons will NOT be provided in grades three through eight. In the event synchronous work is not possible on the rare day due to technology challenges, an assignment will be posted in Google classroom to be completed by the end of that school day. In grades pre-K through two, videos will only be provided when there are extenuating circumstances and an excused absence, in which case a link to a recording of the missed lesson will be e-mailed to that particular student.  This is only for the occasional absence and not an option for daily learning.  In the event that there is the occasional technical difficulty signing-in, HHA teachers will work with families to determine how work can best be completed and submitted.  The City Schools and HHA expectation is that students will attend all live sessions each school day. 

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct will apply in School Year 2020 –2021, whether students are in school buildings or participating in virtual learning. Supportive and restorative approaches will be prioritized, as usual, with suspensions in grades 5-8 being used as a last resort (in accordance with school board policy). When an incident happens during virtual learning days or activities, schools may use only a lower-level response (1 or 2). More serious incidents warranting a possible higher-level response (3 -5), leading to out-of-school suspensions, must be referred to the district’s Office of Student Conduct and Attendance for investigation and resolution.  A reminder that digital citizenship at HHA for teachers, parents and students calls for a commitment to being on time and presenting a professional appearance. During synchronous learning, HHA uniforms are preferred but not required.  If a student chooses not to wear the uniform, please make sure they dress like they are going to school. Please set up a quiet space in your home for your child’s remote learning classroom.  Your child will need power, WiFi, a device like a laptop or Chromebook, a mouse, headphones, a water bottle and access to a restroom.  School supply lists are posted on our website.