Ms. Brezenoff Reads Birthday Monsters

Ms. Klenk Reads Caterpillar to Butterfly

Ms. Wallis Reads I Wish I Was a Grownup

Ms. Bierley Reads Waiting Is Not Easy

Mr. Berry Sings a Special Song

Ms. Bailin and Ms. Gonzalez Reads Peace is an Offering English/Español

Mr. Hornbeck Reads If You Give a Dog a Doughnut

Mr. Hornbeck Reads Gingerbread Baby

Ms. Durkin Models Dramatic Play with Where the Wild Things Are

Ms. Maciel Reads There is a Monster at the End of the Book

Ms. Klenk Reads The Little Red Hen

Mr. Hornbeck Reads Dr. DeSoto

Mr. Paz Recites the Poem The Rose that Grew From Concrete

Ms. Sparwasser Reads Sideways Stories

Ms. Brezenoff Reads Mañana Iguana

Ms. Mendez Reads Go Dog Go

Mr. Hornbeck Reads Clifford’s Pals

Ms. Hicks Reads Ping!

Ms. Marybeth Smith Reads Owen

Mr. LaBarr Reads Kick! Jump! Chop!

Ms. Clary Reads Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Ms. Johnson Reads Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Mr. Hornbeck Reads When Sophie Gets Really, Really Angry

Ms. Amanda Smith Reads Mindful Money Happy Panda

Mr. H. Reads Chewie and the Porgs

Mr. Hornbeck Reads If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Ms. Douglas Reads Pirates Wear Underpants

Ms. LaBella Reads Max the Brave

Mr. Hornbeck Reads Malala’s Magic Pencil