Cell phones are permitted but must be turned off and not used during the school day. If a student needs to contact their parent, there are phones in the main office and in each classroom. In accordance with the Baltimore City Public School System policy on electronics and cell phone usage, if a cell phone or electronic of any type is seen and/or heard by any adult in the building, it will be confiscated and only returned when a parent/guardian comes to school to sign for it. If a student is found with their cell phone or electronic a second time, it will be confiscated by the principal and not returned until the end of the year. Additionally, no headphones, ear buds or hand held devices are allowed during the school day and will also be confiscated.

Students can bring a cell phone into the school, but the phone must be turned off prior to entering the building. Phones are not permitted to be turned on during recess, field trips, etc. If a teacher hears or sees the phone, the phone will be taken from the student. If the student has the phone in their pants pocket, and a large portion of the phone is showing, the phone will be taken from the student. If you can see an outline of the phone but not the phone itself, this is acceptable.