As per current City Schools policy, a positive pool test means that at least one person in the pool tested positive for COVID and that all members of the pool (who are in close contact with each other) are required to quarantine for 14 days from the date of the test. 

That quarantine period is longer than is required by CDC guidance and the Baltimore City Department of Health. The COVID mitigation procedures in place at HHA, including HEPA filters, masking, social distancing, temp checks, and daily screening questions, mean that students within the same pool are not in “close contact” as defined by the CDC while they are at school. Because of these procedures, it is very unlikely that any spread occurred or will occur at school. In the future, these mitigation procedures may permit members of a positive pool who receive a negative individual PCR test to return to in-person instruction once individual results are available for all close contact members of the pool. Under any circumstances, an individual testing positive must quarantine for the duration of the quarantine period and may return only after that period as long as they are free of symptoms.  

As a reminder, fully vaccinated staff are not required to test weekly and are not required to quarantine if in close contact with anyone who tests positive for Covid.

Name of PodMonth Year of QuarantineQuarantine Completed
Douglas B GroupApril, 2021Yes
Kaminaris A and B GroupApril, 2021Yes
Graston B GroupApril, 2021Yes
Poole A GroupApril, 2021Yes
Kleine A GroupMay, 2021Yes