Leaders Go Places 2018-2019

Leaders Go Places, a middle school program, has been in place at HHA for 5 years.  The program is based on Five Promises:

  1. To contribute to the common good
  2. To persevere
  3. To conduct myself with honor and integrity
  4. To produce quality work
  5. To make no excuses

At its core, LGP is our way to measure students’ progress in three key areas:

A student’s most important job is in the classroom. Scholarship is measured by report card grades. Students should strive to earn A’s and B’s in order to reach LGP levels. Grade Point Average is measured on a four-point scale.

Leadership is displayed through daily behaviors that lead to success. Students receive extra points on Class Dojo for exemplifying the Five Promises. They can also earn negative points for misbehavior or being tardy and/or absent. Leadership is measured by the percentage of positive points on Class Dojo.

At HHA, we believe our students can contribute to the school and their community. Good citizens provide services to anyone who may need assistance. To earn LGP levels, students must perform community service each quarter. Community service includes work performed, without pay, for organizations like the school, a church, or other community organizations.

Levels of Leadership
Students must reach the criteria in each category to achieve their LGP status. Students will receive their official status at the end of each quarter. The chart below lists the requirements for each LGP Level.






Positive Dojo Points


Service Hours

Platinum 3.9 95% 6
Gold 3.6 90% 5
Silver 3.3 85% 4
Bronze 3.0 80% 2

LGP Events

The LGP program will provide incentives for students throughout the school year.

Students enjoy LGP trip

All middle school students will attend Community Circles every Friday.  These will include important updates, an opportunity for students to share acknowledgements and apologies, and often include guest speakers.

Fun Fridays will take place every other Friday.  Students will engage in supervised free time, usually outside. Students must have a 80% positive score on Class Dojo to attend.

At the end of each quarter, students who have earned LGP status will be recognized at a special ceremony. Students will receive pins and other tangible rewards. These will take place on Fridays.  Notices will be sent out via Class Dojo and in the school news magazine.

Students who have 80% positive points can earn a No Uniform Day.  These days will be held Wednesday, October 17, Friday, December 21,  Thursday, March 29 and Friday, May 17.

Four middle school dances take place each  year. Students must have 80% positive points on Dojo to attend. Dances will be held on Friday, October 5, Friday, January 11, Friday, March 8 and Friday, May 3.  Each quarter an LGP field trip will also take place. Students must be on level to attend.

Below are the cut-off dates for each quarter. On these dates, students grades, service hours, and Dojo points will be calculated.

Deadline Recognition Ceremony
Monday, October 29 Friday, November 16
Friday, January 25 Friday, February 1
Monday, April 1 Friday, April 5
Friday, May 31 Friday, June 7

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Mr. Lucas, LGP Chair, at mlucas@bcps.k12.md.us or call 410.262.6423.

Spectacular Express

Contact person: Geri Swann, geriswann@hotmail.com
Through nomination by a staff member, a student can receive a train car to acknowledge a spectacular example of a behavior that aligns with the schoolwide expectations of being safe, respectful, responsible and caring. These actions need to be displayed by the students without being asked by an adult. The train car will be displayed at school, and the student’s name will be published in the school newsletter. This program is sponsored by The Canton Railroad.

Terrific Kids

Contact person: Geri Swann, geriswann@hotmail.com
Elementary students (grades 1-5) can be acknowledged for consistently following the schoolwide expectations of being safe, responsible, friendly and caring, for having very few Think Times and for receiving minimal to no detentions or office referrals. A Terrific Kids celebration takes place at the end of the school year to publicly acknowledge students’ success. This program is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of East Baltimore.

Builders Club

Contact person: Marybeth Smith, MSmith22@bcps.k12.md.us
This is a student-led community service organization that provides members with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leadership. Services performed by HHA students include monthly craft projects with residents at a local nursing home, fundraising for Pennies for Patients and more. Club members are learning firsthand how they impact their world and contribute to creating positive change. This program is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of East Baltimore.